How To Use Sanskrit Mantras To Transform Your Health, Wealth, Relationships And More!

Are You Ready To Use The Secret Power Of  Mantras To Make Life Give You What You Want? 

 Discover The Specific Sounds, Structures And

Methods To Activate The Secret Power Of Hindu Mantras

Over 3000 years ago the ancient sages of the East discovered a secret langage.

This was no ordinary language.

Through decades of meditation, study, experimentation and various other spiritual disciplines... these white haired wizards discovered a language of immense power.

A language of the Gods capable of bending the universe.

A language that for centuries was only shared by word of mouth, passed down from one generation to the next

I'll be honest with you - even today - we only know a fraction of what was discovered

But that fraction is enough to make life altering changes to every aspect of your life...

This Is Only Language In The World Made Up Entirely Of... ENERGY BASED SOUNDS

Sounds that when spoken (or chanted) have a DIRECT impact on yur body's energy field.
Sounds that literally alter your vibration. 

Stop For A Second And Think About This...
Imagine sounds so poerful that when chanted make a change in your energy field, your emotions and your mindset.

Specific sounds that have been proven to activate your chakras.

Sounds that can target and heal specific organs in your body.

And, sounds that will allow you to manifest into your life health, wealth, jobs, love and any other desire you have...

This is the power of Sanskrit Mantras!

This Is The Secret To Manifesting Your Desires

If you have seen the movie The Secret?
Or if you have you studied any other Law of Attraction books or have any interest in manifestation...
You will already know that the secret to manifesting anything in your life is your emotions.

  • It's the feeling that you have that triggers the manifestation process
  • It's the intensity of the emotions that make your affirmations work.

​This has been proven time and time again.  Napolean Hill said it in Think and Grow Rich.  Maxwell Maltz said it in Psyco Cybernetics... And every author in The Secret said this in their own way.

The fact is that you need your body to vibrate at the frequency of that which you wish to attract.
Every self help speaker or metaphysical scientist will tell you that manifesting is about one thing and one thing only - ENERGY!

The energy you create from your positive emotions and feelings is what makes you a magnet for success and abundance.

The emotions make your energy vibrate at the right frequency where you attract ideas, money, relationships and those magical coincidences into your life.

But the truth is it's not that easy to consistently generate this level of positive vibration in your body.

Why Hindu Mantras Are So Much More Powerful Than Any Affirmation Or Law Of Attraction Technique

If you have read this far in the letter than you already know that the Law of Attraction only works with energy.

And that you use affirmations, goals and visualizations to create and activate this energy and feeling in your body...

However you wont always be able to do this.

Very few people can consistently remain positive, or regulalry generate this energy on a daily basis... this is exactly why so many people complain that the law of attraction doesnt work...


Because mantras are Energy Based Sounds... it means that the energy is automatically created in your body... it means that the vibration is changed just by saying these sounds

This Is So Important I'm Going To Repeat It.

By chanting the mantras (specifically the ones revealed in this eBook)...

The energy is AUTOMATICALLY generated through the power of these sounds.
The vibration is AUTOMATICALLY changed through the power of these sounds.
The Law of Attraction and The Manifestation Process is AUTOMATICALLY triggered through these sounds.

Do you now see why this secret science of Vedic Mantras is so powerful?

You dont have to artifically manufacture a feeling in your body with all those law of attraction techniques

You don't have to fake it till you make it.

You don't need to trick your mind into believing that you are rich, confident and thin!

All you need to do is read this eBook and follow the mantra practice specific to your desire  - and we have listed mantras in the eBook for nearly all your goals and desires.

Effortless Manifesting Is Just The Tip Of The Iceberg...

In addition to using these Sanskrit Sounds to transform your life, one of the main uses of mantras today is in healing.

It wasn't just the Indian Sages that used these sounds ... all the martial arts have incorporated sounds as part of their daily practice... and have been doing so for years.

The martial art of Tai Chi and the healing art of Qi Gong share a series of healing sounds  - each sound corresponds to an organ within the body and when chanted creates a vibration that specifically targets that organ and heals and energizes is.
These same principles are used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to heal people of a variety of diseases.

Not only that, any one who has studied martial arts will know that one of the first things you learn is the power sound...

This is the sound they ask you to make when punching or kicking to increase the force of the punch!

Who Else Uses Mantras?

Other people in the west also using mantras and sounds of power include Self-Help blogger Steve Pavlina,  World famous author Wayne Dyer and the even Tony Robbins.

Wayne Dyer in his audio program teaches just two sounds that allow you to manifest your desires  - but there will be so much more than two generic sounds in this eBook.

We will reveal all the 'seed' sounds you need and the exact formula you can use to create your own mantras  - each targeted at your specific desire or goal.

Most famous of all the western mantra knowledge is Transcendental Meditation  - they charge over $2000 to give you a mantra and as far as I can tell dont even explain the meaning to you. 

Using the mantras in this eBook not only will you be able to pick your own mantra  - you will understand the science behind why it works and be given a methodology to make sure you gain maximum results from your mantra meditation or chanting.

Revealed In This eBook You Will Discover...

  • How to use mantras for maximum effect  - the actualy days, tools and techniques needed to ensure your mantra practice works.
  • A proven step-by-step plan to get clear on your intention and identify the specific mantras for your individual situation
  • A mantra to quickly and easily blast away any and all obstacles in your life.  This is one of the most versatile mantras around - you can use it tofind your dream home, improve a relationship or dissolve any other obstacle in your life.
  • The single most powerful way to create an avalanche of abundance in your life ... using this proven and powerful wealth mantra.
  • A behind-the-scenes look at what really goes on when you chant your mantra and exactly why they work.
  • A tried and tested method for attracting your dream job - you'll be amazed at how quickly this works
  • A real love potion that when repeated will attract romance into your life
  • Examples of some of the most powerful healing mantras known to the sages of the East
  • An almost magical good luck mantra that will improve every single area of your life.
  • And So Much More

The Right (And The Wrong) Way To Harness The Power Of Mantras

I have spent all my life studying and applying the principles of hinduism, meditation and the vedas.
From an early age where my grandmother would share her knowledge with me to studying with priests to reading the key scriptures.
This newly released book on mantras is by far the quickest and easiest way I know of to master the art and science of mantra manifestation.
Inside this book you will get over 50 pages of Mantra knowledge that you can use to transform any area of you life.
But its not just a guide to mantras - you will also gain an understanding of how and why the mantras work.

The Ebook includes
(i) What Mantras Are
(ii) How And Why Mantras Work
(iii) What The Most Effective Mantra Practice Is
(iv) Mantras You Can Use Today To Address Any Problem You Have Or Accelerate Any Change You Want To Make

So as you can see this is the ultimate introduction to the world of mantras and as far as I know one of the few ways to understand the science behind mantras as well.

Because the truth is that due to language barriers, inaccuracies in translation and mispronunciation ... real information on mantras is very hard to come by.
Until now...

Get Your Copy Of Magical Mantras Today

The information in this book is life changing.

You already know that the Transcendental Meditation course would charge you over $2000 to give you these mantras and they don't even provide an explanation to it.

And, you now know that these sounds automatically change your vibration without the need for you to do anything else.

Listen, these Energy Based Sounds have been around well before The Secret and are much more powerful than the latest Law Of Attraction Technique. 

They have been proven to work time and time again...


Very few people actually know the reason why they work and have a formula and structure that anyone can use to activate the power of these mantras.

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To your success
The Guru In A Suit

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