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How Mantras Work


 The main thing is  : do not try to understand how mantras work , just experience them . 

When you want to go from New York to London , you hop on a plane and arrive at your destination – you do not go into the intricacies of how each part of the engine of the plane works ! 

Similarly , just use them and benefit from them . But mantras will only work if you are very clear about your objective and are focused ; in short you must really desire your objective . 

 To understand a little bit of how they work , you must understand that all of us on earth are connected to the universe and mantras , by the vibrations they create attract what you desire  by matching with the vibrations and waves of the universe which are constant .  All mantras work on sound and the vibrations created by this sound. 

 A sound produces an actual and measurable physical vibration which then turn into waves. With the use of mantras these sounds (physical vibrations)  are sent out with a mental intent – your desire .As the mantra is repeated on and on , the vibrations created take over the other surrounding vibrations and are consumed in the vibrations of the sound of the mantra , increasing their potency .  

Sound is that which carries the power of your intent through the mantra 

 Sound is described  “as that which conveys the idea of an object”. Sound is not just the vibration created by the meeting of two objects. Sound is that which conveys the idea of an objectyour intention  and the words of the mantra pick up the right frequency . 

 Mantras then are sound symbols. What they symbolize, and how they function depends on the context, and the mind of the person repeating them. Studies in sound symbolism suggest that vocal sounds have meaning whether we are aware of it or not. And indeed that there can be multiple layers of symbolism associated with each sound. So even if we do not understand them, mantras are not simply meaningless mumbo jumbo . 

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